Ultra Violent

Ultra Violent

There seems to be a helluva lot of genre magazines around these days which ain't a bad thing though it does make it hard on the horror loving public deciding exactly what they should spend their hard earned on! The calibre of the bulk of the mags available seems to be of a continually high standard so when issue four of 'Ultra Violent' landed on my lap I was curious to see what this latest offering had to offer...

Well first off I can happily report that 'Ultra Violent' is another welcome addition to the growing genre magazine scene. Welcomingly the bulk of the page count consists of all new interviews with some of the more interesting characters around the horror scene. First up there's a great interview with German splatmeister Olaf Ittenbach whom although he surprisingly considers his splatter classic Premutos stupid and trashy he discusses all his output in this all too brief but enjoyable interview. Deep Red founder Chas Balun checks in with a fascinating interview with cult horror novelist Jack Ketchum (a meatier pseudonym than Dallas Mayr eh?) that should bring some new readers in his direction. I've never been a big fan of the films of Jean Rollin but the interview here makes interesting reading with such insights as (referring to the Salvation DVD's) "I haven't been working with Redemption, I have been crooked by them!" - great reading though again perhaps a touch too short.

But when looking for in-depth then you really can't go wrong with the impressive extensive coverage of 'Last House on Dead End Street' creator Roger Watkins. Of course folk will no doubt note that Headpress look to have covered this area with their sprawling comprehensive coverage in their Watkins 'Funhouse' special (no.23) but 'Ultra Violent's coverage here is by no means lacking. The interview with Watkins here is billed as 'the ultimate interview and at an exhaustive 18 pages in length it really does cover everything you'll need to know about his work. As well as discussing 'Dead End' at length he goes into detail discussing his sojourn in the (ahem) adult film scene and supporting this 'Ultra Violent' has added several great side bar reviews of Watkins porno output. Watkins is very honest and open throughout the interview and some of the anecdotes about his work in the adult movie scene will amuse no end.

Other interviews included here are from two of my own favourite horror faves, Fred Dekker and Michael Berryman. Both interviews are very insightful indeed with Dekker explaining the truth behind the edits to the classic 'Night of the Creeps' (a special edition DVD is long overdue!) and Berryman discusses not only his career but his future plans (as a stand up comic would you believe!) Of course 'Ultra Violent' wouldn't be complete if it didn't cover the genre mag template of book and movie reviews so there's 14 pages of fun reading covering a nice varied selection of horror novels, movies and DVD's to keep folk entertained.

All round I must say I had a great time reading through this edition of 'Ultra Violent' magazine, my only disappointment being that it has taken until issue 4 to discover its wonders. Well worth your attention - check it out now!

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