SGM Reader Awards 2007

The Votes Are Counted...

Another year bites the dust and as we anticipate what the new year will bring it gives us the chance to reflect on the highlights of the previous one as the votes are counted in the 8th year of the SGM Awards as voted for by you the readers! So let's not waste time cleaning our chainsaws and get right down to business�

The Top DVD Suppliers of 2007
Best UK Supplier:

3rd place - Dvdhorror

Holding that 3rd place spot for Best UK Supplier is the only specialist UK horror supplier to make the grade!

2nd place - Amazon

Ever popular supplier proving a hit with many purchasing options (including the Marketplace and Jersey options)

1st place -

For the astounding 7th year running Play holds firmly onto the top spot as the Best UK DVD Supplier
Best European Supplier:

3rd place - D&T Mail Order

Making its debut into the top three, D&T make a welcome entry to reader voting

2nd place - Chainsaw Video

After taking the crown for top spot last year it's another closely fought battle this time round as Chainsaw slips to second position

1st place - Absurd Online

But it's back into the top spot for Absurd as they once again rise up to the proud position of being the Top European DVD Supplier

Absurd Online
Best USA Supplier:

3rd place - Xploited

Holding onto to stay one of the top three US suppliers Xploited can also be proud that they are also the only horror specialists supplier in the category

2nd place - DVD Pacific

Slipping from pole position but still offering excellent value for money its a well earned second place for the team at DVD Pacific

1st place - Amazon

Romping in to the top spot, it's perhaps not a surprise for many that Amazon would prove a worthy contestant for the race to be Top US Supplier for 2007

Best Rest of the World Supplier:

3rd place - Ethai CD

Following a welcome debut into the awards nominations last year Ethai hold onto the third spot for Rest of the World Suppliers

2nd place - Amazon

Making its debut into this retitled category the global sister sites of Amazon have proved popular enough to merit second place support by readers

1st place - cd-wow

Whilst many noted that their catalogue was not as expansive as most would like, it was the good value and improved customer service that moved folk to nominate CD Wow as the number one Rest of the World supplier

Top Supplier (Overall):

3rd place - DVD Pacific

Slipping from the top position held last year DVD Pacific hold onto a very respectable third position

2nd place -

As well as holding onto the coveted Top UK Supplier for seven years running Play make a firm attack for top supplier by snaring the second place post

1st place - Amazon

On route to global online retail domination, Amazon top their entries into the UK, USA and Rest of the World polls by proudly snapping up the grand prize of all the DVD Supplier Awards by becoming your Top Supplier for 2007.

The Top Books & Magazines of 2007
Best Genre Magazine:

3rd place - Gorezone

Making a welcome debut into the category for best genre magazine, Gorezone shows that even the new kid on the block has some style when it's up against the likes of Fangoria and The Dark Side

2nd place - Is It Uncut

Holding firmly onto the second position for best genre magazine (and by default your favourite British publication) Is It Uncut continues to impress with its depth of detail in cult film coverage

1st place - Rue Morgue

And for the second year running it's the Canadians who can stand proud as the team at Rue Morgue magazine win your horror loving hearts over again to win the well deserved top spot for Best Genre Magazine 2007 - congratulations to Rodrigo Gudi�o and all the team at Rue Morgue!

Rue Morgue
Best Genre Book:

3rd place - Cinema Sewer

FAB Press are always dominant in your thoughts when it comes to voting for best genre book but editor/scribe Robin Bougie can also be proud as his seminal sleaze fest Cinema Sewer snags a pleasing third place in the best book category.

2nd place - Nightmare USA

Stephen Thrower's authorative study of American exploitation cinema from the 1970s just misses out on the top spot but still very proudly earns second place for publishers FAB Press

1st place - Mario Bava: All The Colors of the Dark

Video Watchdog guru and connoisseur of all things Euro Horror Tim Lucas undoubtedly won many hearts over (including those of Bava's family and friends) with this roundly applauded overview of the great masters work deservedly earning the accolade of Best Genre Book of 2007 - congratulations to Tim (and Donna) Lucas!

Mario Bava
The Top DVD Producers of 2007
Top UK DVD Producer:

3rd place - Anchor Bay UK

Although they have dominated the voting for the award for best UK producer for quite sometime it looks like Anchor bay have some ambitious whippersnappers biting at their heels whilst maintaining a very respectable third place in the UK category

2nd place - Shameless Entertainment

Following their launch last year it is perhaps no surprise that readers have backed this new genre specialist company as one to definetely watch with their growing catalogue of horror fun

1st place - Nucleus Films

Kudos of the highest satanic order to Marc Morris and Jake West for romping home in style to comfortably (and very proudly) win the award for Top UK DVD Company of 2007 - well done chaps!

Nucleus Films
Top European DVD Producer:

3rd place - Shock

Still hanging in there, long running and respected Dutch stalwarts Shock (formerly Japan Shock) earn a respectable third place in this years awards

2nd place - Raro Video

A consistent steady schedule of genre release means a confident second place for this popular Italian label

1st place - Another World Entertainment

First time appearance in the SGM award selection and a well earned first place for the team at Another World Entertainment - well done to all the AWE team over in Denmark!

Another World
Top US DVD Producer:

3rd place - Dark Sky

Making their debut in the readers voting Dark Sky beat off some very stiff competition for third place in this prestigious category

2nd place - Severin Films

Another reader awards debut for this merry bunch of genre loving Anglophiles as Severin make a welcome entry into second place of the Best US DVD Company category

1st place - Anchor Bay

All change yet again at the top spot as this highly competitive category returns Anchor Bay to the top spot as Best US DVD Producer for their ever popular horror line!

Anchor Bay
The Top DVD Releases of 2007
Best UK DVD Release:

3rd place - Haxan (Tartan)

Ever consistent in the reader award selection Tartan are back once again in readers thoughts as their special edition release of Haxan nabs a satanic third place for best UK release

2nd place - Nosferatu (Eureka Entertainment)

New to the category, but perhaps not surprisingly so, Eureka Entertainment step into second place with their sumptuous DVD/Book package release of the seminal Nosferatu!

1st place - Grindhouse Trailer Classics (Nucleus Films)

Following last years well earned third place for their release of Gwendoline, it is with great pleasure that we announce that as well as grabbing the award for Top UK DVD Producer 2007 Nucleus Films also comfortably gather your votes for Best UK DVD Release of 2007 with their jam packed Grindhouse Trailer Classics DVD - again hats off to Marc Morris and Jake West at Nucleus Films!

Grindhouse Trailers
Best European DVD Release:

3rd place - Lucker the Necrophagous (Perplex)

Readers stand by their love for all things low budget and independent as down and dirty shlocker Lucker nabs third place in the Best European DVD category

2nd place - Werewolf Woman (Raro Video)

Raro DVD make a sturdy entry into the European category in second place with their DVD release of the Werewolf Woman

1st place - New York Ripper (Another World Entertainment)

Adding to the excitement of topping the Top European DVD Producer category Another World Entertainment are back with another first prize with their restored special edition DVD of Fulci's classic New York Ripper!

New York Ripper
Best US DVD Release:

3rd place - Eaten Alive (Dark Sky Films)

It took some time to hit the shelves but was evidently worth the wait as can be attested by your votes to give Dark Sky's Eaten Alive release the third place spot for best US DVD release of the year

2nd place - Black Emanuelle's Box (Severin Films)

Box sets are always popular with readers and Severin Films delivered the goods when it came to your votes for second position with their lovely Black Emanuelle's Box

1st place - Mario Bava Collection Vol 2 (Anchor Bay)

Perhaps not surprisingly, Anchor Bay confidently snapped up the top position when they teased readers into gleeful submission with another cracking collection of Mario Bava classics to win Best US DVD Release of 2007 with the second Bava Collection box set!

Mario Bava Collection Vol 2
The Top Genre Cinema of 2007
Best Genre Director:

3rd place - Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later)

Surpassing the first movie with film fans Juan Carlos Fresnadillo gathered a lot of popularity for his work on apocalyptic zombie sequel 28 Weeks Later

2nd place - Nacho Cerda (The Abandoned)

Showing he was far more than a one trick pony with mortuary shocker Aftermath, Nacho Cerda gave many readers a sleepless night with the haunting shocker The Abandoned

1st place - Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino (Grindhouse)

Whilst many readers stated very vocally that they were deeply upset with the separation of Death Proof and Planet Terror on DVD they also stepped forward in droves to declare that Rodriguez and Tarantino's work on Grindhouse as a whole was the most fun they had had in quite sometime earning both a deserved shared first place for Best Genre Directors for 2007!

Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino
Best Genre Movie:

3rd place - The Orphanage (El Orfanato)

Juan Antonio Bayona continues to fly the flag for Spanish genre cinema with this hotly supported chiller

2nd place - The Abandoned

Nacho Cerda follows up his support for best director with a deserved second place spot for Best Genre Movie

1st place - Grindhouse

Showing that genre fans want nothing more than a return to double bill exploitation fun at their local fleapit cinemas Rodriguez and Tarantino's Grindhouse got horror fans bums on seats (or downloading) and voting in their droves for this cracking genre romp and your favourite film of 2007! Get the popcorn out...exploitation is back!