The Horror Channel

The Horror ChannelIt's an exciting time for horror fans across the UK with the launch of the much anticipated Horror Channel. The Horror Channel is the UK�s first channel dedicated to horror movies, TV series and the people who make them. The channel will be available free-to-air on BSkyB/Sky Digital from 3 May 2004 on Sky Guide number 330 and will broadcast wall to wall blood soaked horror movies every night from 6pm until 5.30am from May the 3rd.

Here Al Sex Gore chats exclusively with the team behind the Horror Channel (click on each individuals name for the full low down)...

Tony Hazell

Tony Hazell is MD of The Horror Channel. Tony is an avid horror fan himself and a successful broadcast industry veteran. Here Tony chats about setting up The Horror Channel and his plans for its future.

Jonathan Sothcott

Jonathan Sothcott is Head of Programming and has an impressive history as a cult writer, director and programme marketer. Here Jonathan discusses his role at the Horror Channel and some of the things we can look forward to.

Jade Fox

Jade Fox presents the ten o�clock movie every night, giving insider background information on the films, and their casts and crews. In addition, she�ll become the Horror Channel's roving reporter; interviewing genre celebrities - here Jade looks forward to the channel's launch and her love for the horror genre.

For full details of The Horror Channel and its TV schedules simply visit the official site by clicking here.

SGM would like to thank Tony, Jonathan, Jade and Nicola at Whiteoaks for their kind assistance.

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