Siki City

Siki City

A Novella of Horror

by Lucifer Fulci

Siki CityFolk that know me will know that I'm not a big fan of horror fiction. After years of 'trying' to read many so-called horror novels that would spend a chapter describing how a blade of grass blew in the night wind I pretty much gave up hope...that was until the aptly named Lucifer Fulci put pen to paper and delivered onto an unsuspecting world the shocking and engrossing novella 'Siki City'.

The story opens with a visceral punch to the readers face with the show stopping graphic depiction of a young female necrophiliac's sexual gratification down at the local morgue (and the grue ladened consequences) then just as you would imagine things to settle down a pace Fulci (like his namesake Lucio) ups the ante delivering a continuous barrage of relentless depraved mayhem! Murderous paedophiles, satanic worship, homosexual grave name it, they're all here and Fulci wastes no time both turning your stomach and sucking you in to this carnival of gruesome carnage.

Perhaps the most impressive fact about this novella is that whilst some will attempt to pass disdain on Fulci's work for its extreme nature what no one can deny is that he is a very talented writer and his skills are well used here. As the first few chapters relentlessly test your shock levels they also reel you're instantly wondering how tings are going to fall into place, just where is this heading and what the hell is going to happen by the time the words 'the end' appear. So much so in fact that this disillusioned with horror fiction reader spent a sleepless night sitting up straight totally consumed by the shocking drama that was unfolding with each turn of the page.

The written word equivalent of the best of Lucio Fulci's work, though even the old master would probably be wary of turning some scenes of this graphic gem into celluloid. Gore fans will rejoice at this one...and unsuspecting horror fiction fans will be unhinged by what unfolds. If you read one book this month make sure it's 'Siki City'...but be warned this one is XXX rated for both shocking gore and pure adrenaline terror.

Don't be put off by the minimal novella page count (boy am I looking forward to more of this guys work!) - an essential purchase for any SGM it now!

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