Sadistik - Diabolikal Super Kriminal! *NEW*

There's a cult revival brewing and we're warning you now so you can jump onboard! UK readers will remember many years ago laughing mockingly at their little sisters as they perused various lines of photo romance comics as desperate actors posed for photo strips of burning romances and so on. What we did not realise though was that since the 1960's our friends over in mainland Europe had their own very different (and much more alluring) version of the photo comic novel full of master criminals, buxom babes in peril and violence and death galore!

SadistikOriginating from Italy (where else you would ask?!) Sadistik makes his English language debut in a frenzy of warped violence from Mort Todd and the folk at Comicfix and is without question the most exciting revival of a cult genre that we've encountered in quite some time. And the timing of such couldn't be better, regular readers will know we've been going crazy for the Greek Onar DVD releases of the Kilink films - well with the Sadistik line Mort Todd takes the beloved super criminal to new levels of excitement. Launching last year with the test run edition of 'Hell Awaits' the skeleton costumed criminal made his uncensored euro trash debut in a full length adventure that would have any fan of Mario Bava's Danger: Diabolik giddy with pleasure. And more recently Sadistik returned formally not only in another full length photo adventure 'Monster With A 1000 Masks' but also a cracking all new full on comic book romp 'Beware: Sadistik' based on a potential new TV show created by the very talented Mort Todd (backed with some very welcome English translations of two classic vintage Sadistik tales).

But what is it that makes Sadistik so damn exciting? Is that he reminds of the aforementioned Diabolik, but this time being so overtly un-politically correct (gorgeous women in violent peril prevail throughout). Is it the fact Sadistik simply looks so bloody cool (well he looks like an early forerunner for the perfect Misfits front man sans full body/mask skeletal look). Is it his unemotive daring that excites the kid in all of us in this age of lifeless comic book zeros? Whatever it is you can be assured that Mort Todd's Sadistik line is one of the most refreshing and exciting genre romps that you'll find on the market today. If there was ever a series that truly deserved to be embraced both by genre fans and uber cool franchising this is it�I love it and quite honestly can't get enough�check it out for yourself and be assured you'll soon fall for the euro charms of the international diabolikal superkriminal! Check it out!

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