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Rue MorgueOh dear, how times have changed! I remember the days when getting hold of the long running 'Fangoria' magazine (or one of its gory offshoots) was one of the highlights of my youthful genre reading, you would never have thought that anyone could even dare try surpass the thrill levels that such a horrific institution delivered. That was until 'Rue Morgue' came along. Hailing from Toronto, Canada 'Rue Morgue' has been like a shocking bolt of brilliance that in the short period of 30 or so issues has established itself as one of the finest genre publications on the market. Having perused some recent issues of this mouth watering mag and likewise mulled over some recent editions of it's closest rival 'Fangoria' magazine I can very confidently say 'Rue Morgue' blows 'Fangoria' out of the water: Fact!

Having recently reached its sixth anniversary last Halloween (with a 140 page special) you'd think things couldn't get any better, but you'd be wrong. This mag just gets better and better. Although each issue is full colour throughout and printed on high-end glossy paper, presentation isn't the 'be all' here as the content matters more so. Each issue is simply stuffed to the guddles wit the finest reviews, interviews and overviews of just about every aspect of the genre scene�sure we love to read about the films, but fans of novels, comic books, CD's, games and even toys are catered for here. Two things that jump out in particular about the very wide standard with 'Rue Morgue' and 'Fangoria' is that whilst the old boy Fango often seems minimal in content what it does have is spread out and sparse whilst 'Rue Morgue' packs its content in. Fango also seems to have lost its momentum with the horror fan, who wants to read more about Buffy/Angel or even some discomforting interview by some horror film producer in denial that he has in fact made a splatter film. 'Rue Morgue' embraces the genre and is totally up to speed with what's hot and what genre fans want to read about. When reading the contributions of its very talented writing team it is very tangible that these folk are 'fans' like ourselves and are often not afraid to call a spade a spade ignoring to pander to potentially offending some corporate film company agent.

But (as I always do) I digress, the latest edition of 'Rue Morgue' is issue 36 - a mighty fine issue celebrating what they call (if only) 'The Year of the Zombie' with extensive coverage of the Aussie sci fi/living dead schlocker 'Undead', there's a fun overview of killer Santa movies, a look at some of the weirder genre movies from all over the world (to celebrate the release of FAB Press's 'Fear Without Frontiers') alongside the masses of aforementioned genre review coverage. If you're now about to head out to find a copy (and you really should) I'd thoroughly recommend also picking the previously mentioned bumper 6th anniversary issue as well as the previous edition (no.34) which concentrates on Romero's 'Day of the Dead' (and has one of the most eye catching zombie covers you'll ever see!) Apologies to anyone at Fangoria for the somewhat disheartening comments but it really is time to rethink the stale formula, 'Rue Morgue' are in town and they're about to steal your crown. Essential reading, buy now!

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