Street Trash

Street Trash

Ahh, this is the stuff - Jim Muro's 'Street Trash' has long been a favorite here at SGM Towers. The highly original and hysterically funny tale of drunks and bums residing in a sprawling junk yard, squabbling over booze and bucks making the most of their miserable existence.

Things take a wicked turn of events when the local liquor store uncovers some dodgy old booze 'Viper' which it promptly sells for a buck a bottle to the delighted local hobos. But what they don't realise that the 'Viper' has more bite than they expect when they start body-melting all over the place after consuming their liquid delight.

An absolute classic of a movie that should please SGM's readers no end. Muro's direction is first rate throughout, the script is very tight and highly entertaining which is conveyed beautifully by excellent casting and performance by all involved. There's laugh's a plenty throughout also and the gore is great stuff too, and on a couple of occasions in the film there is some scenes of truly disturbing horror going on that sneaks up and hits you when you least expect it.

First rate stuff all round and all this reviewer can say is if you haven't already seen this little gem then check it out now !

Dragon's disc is nice indeed also, the pictures pretty good considering the source material for this old low budget gem. Nice clear dolby mono soundtrack as well as a cool trailer for the film that fans will thoroughly enjoy also.

A more than ample release that will keep all you Viper drinkers happy while waiting for Synapse to get their special edition ready sometime next year. Hey, as I said, 'Street Trash' has been a favourite here at SGM for years, and that surely is recommendation enough. Go get it !!

Directed by Jim Muro
Released by Dragon Films
Not Rated - Region 0
Running Time : approx 105 mins
Ratio : Widescreen
Audio : Dolby Mono (English & Dutch)
Extras : Theatrical trailer