Suspiria (US disc)


Rare case here folks, I am going to recommend everybody who owns a DVD player to buy a copy of this DVD. Whether you buy the limited edition or standard is a matter of if you like the film and how much you like the film, if you do. The thing is, this is such a DVD that even if you don't like the movie, you will appreciate the colors that come across in this DVD. If you love the format, you owe it to yourself to have this film in your collection.

"Suspiria" is one of those typical Euro-horror films where you will either love it or hate it. The plot is simple enough, a girl goes to study ballet at a school in Germany and runs into a witch coven. The film is really only a bunch of terrifying images all strung together by one idea, witchcraft. The whys and how's of the events really don't matter all that much. Much like Lucio Fulci's "The Beyond", the film is a nightmare. Though here it is also a bit of a fairy tale.

"Suspiria" is presented here in an amazing transfer that will make every fan happy. The whole look of the film should make even non-fans happy! The picture is amazingly stable and sharp. No grain, no scratches, no nothing. The colors are stronger than they have ever been. There is no doubt that this film has never, ever, looked this nice.

Sound wise´┐Żoooo boy! This track rocks! All of the different tracks rock. When the music gets BIG and noisy, it shakes your walls and brings the roof down. When it turns to the whispers and notes, it turns haunting and creepy. The whole soundtrack really steps forward on this DVD.

Extras, this is the only area that has really been getting flack from people. On the standard version (and disc 1 in the limited edition) you get the trailers, TV spots, radio spots, Daemonia video, poster and still gallery, talent bios, and the multiple language tracks.

The trailers and TV spot are all very good. I normally don't like trailers, but these are rather interesting. Poster and still gallery: Tons o' stuff here! Very nice, I just wish I could print all of these out! Talents bios: you know what to expect. I do hate DVD's that don't give you these though, so they are always a welcome addition.

Daemonia music video: O.K., can we stop with these, please? Hey, these guys do a nice version of the song and all, but man, this video is stupid. It is another one of those that look as if it was filmed with a typical video camera with somebody's fog machine in a basement. The song is fine, great, glad we get to hear it, but it really should have been included in some other way, the video just cheapens the bands efforts. Oh well, if I were in the band I would have done this also.

On the limited edition we get a second and third disc. The second disc contains the 52minute (oooo 52 minutes, 25th anniversary´┐Żscary!) documentary. Since Dario has said no more to the commentary tracks, these are what we will get from now on I guess, and that is just fine. The documentary is really a nice piece that covers quite a bit of area on the film. From the inception, to the music to the finished product, we get a ton of info. To absorb it all you will need more than one viewing. Funny thing is that both Dario and Daria Nicolodi claim to have come up with the idea for the film! Not sure who I believe, though I really was not too impressed with Daria that much. Seems kind of snooty to me. Hey, and guess what, everybody feels Dario has his own style! Hmmm, never would have guessed that.

Disc three is the soundtrack. I never had it before, so this was reason enough for me to get the limited edition of the DVD. Why didn't I ever have it? I live in the States, have you seen the import price on that thing or what it goes for on eBay? That is all I will say. Rumor has it that the soundtrack is far from ideal. Not having it already, I am fine with what I have. All the tracks I was hoping for are on it. If you have the soundtrack already, then have the documentary be the reason you buy the limited edition.

Also in the limited edition box is a nice big book with an interview with Jessica Harper and a few essays. Plus you get the standard Anchor Bay title sheet with the poster on the flip side. Oh yeah, you also get 8 lobby card reproductions! Phew, this is a heavy box I tell you!

Also, there is an amusing easter egg on disc 1 (the standard disc). Go to the "special features" segment and click your right arrow. One of the peacocks feathers will light up. Click on that to be taken to a humorous bit with Udo Kier.

So what should you buy? If you like the film, I recommend you buy the limited edition. The inclusion of the documentary makes it worth it. The film runs about $30 US dollars, and that really is not too bad, the other fun stuff in the box helps the price look like a bargain. If you don't like the film, then buy the standard edition. You can find it in some stores for only $12.99 US dollars! Really, just looking at the film is a treat. Turn off the volume if the movie bugs you, put on some tunes you enjoy, and just watch the visuals and colors, I promise you won't be disappointed!

Review by Carl Isonhart

Released by Anchor Bay
Not Rated - Region 1 NTSC
Running time - approx 98 mins
Ratio - Widescreen (anarmorphic) 2.25:1
Audio - English Dolby Surround & 6.1 DTS, Italian Dolby Surround 2.0, French Dolby Surround 2.0
Extras :
Theatrical trailers, TV & radio spots, Music Video, Stills Gallery, Bios. Disc 2 - 52 minute documentary. Disc 3 - Goblin soundtrack CD.