Straw Dogs

Straw Dogs

Sam Peckinpah's controversial film about a meek American writer (Dustin Hoffman) and his British wife (Susan George) returning to live in the UK in the small rural village where his wife was brought up.

Inbred bullyish farm hicks take over and make their lifes miserable in this well made and sometimes sickening tale.

Still banned in the UK to this date, the film has caused problems over the scene where Susan George breifly seems to show enjoyment while being raped.

Yes this is occasionally a sickening film, I found both George's character and Hoffman's selfish disregard particularly annoying, but this surely (like "Spit on your Grave") shows the great quality of both the cast and production alike.

A very polished production with some great acting (especially among the British regulars).

The disc contains a superior widescreen print (much nicer than the old grainy VHS full screen version) but sadly no extras whatsoever.

Directed by Sam Peckinpah
Released by Anchor Bay
Running time : approx 118 mins
Region 1 - Unrated
Ratio : 1.77:1
Audio : mono
Extras : none