Suzanne Fields (if that was indeed her real name) arrived on the US porn scene in the early 70s, stuck around for a few years mainly making one-day-wonders then disappeared in the early 80s. Arguably her most renowned film is the cult curio GUNILLA.

After Hours' 2-disc proposition here offers two early films that showcase Fields' enthusiasm for sex.

On disc 1 we're treated to WAYWARD MISTRESS. The film opens with Cindy (Fields) being orally pleasured by her boyfriend (the prolific Ric Lutze). She climaxes, then returns the favour while his face is still soaked in her juices. It all ends with energetic rutting - but once the fun is over, Cindy turns her back on her beau and they argue.

This leads Cindy to visit a friend's house for some space in her relationship. But when her friend is a hooker, and Cindy is apparently mad on nookie, one thing can only lead to another ... and predictably enough, it does.

With some imaginative compositions, amusing musical accompaniments and adept editing, WAYWARD MISTRESS feels more filmic than most one-day-wonders.

Of course, the acting is thick and some of the camera angles just don't work. But most scenes are well-lit where they need to be (you get my drift) and Fields keeps things endlessly watchable by being one of the most zestful fucks in the history of porn.

WAYWARD MISTRESS has no scene-selection menu, but can be remote-accessed via 9 chapters.

Disc 1 also features a 21-minute "loop" from 1980 entitled SUZY'S SEX FANTASY. This sees Fields on a settee with a well-hung guy who cums several times while being fellated by her, or shagging her in various positions. Each time he climaxes, he maintains his erection and keeps going. Clever editing, you see ...

12 minutes into proceedings, and the sweaty couple are joined by a well-hung black guy and Suzy is in Heaven. It's hot stuff, free of dialogue but high on energy and a strange organ-led score.

The loop is presented in full-frame, while WAYWARD MISTRESS is presented in 1.78:1 and is 16x9 enhanced. Both transfers are fully uncut, with plenty of scratches and vertical lines but minimal grain and sharp, bright images.

The English mono tracks on both features are excellent.

Disc 1 is completed by forced trailers for SEX STARLETS OF THE 1970S: SUZANNE FIELDS, SEX ON 42ND STREET and GUNILLA.

Disc 2 serves up the amusing SEX SPA.

This film sees a female patient enlist herself into a makeshift hospital where the doctor wastes no time in getting into her knickers.

Meanwhile, his assistant (Fields) tends to a male patient in the neighbouring room by sucking then fucking him. The doctor and his patient spy on Fields in action, then copy her actions (the blowjob here is a little marred by the huge wart on the doctor's dong).

And on it goes - sex scene after sex scene, all of them seeming quite long and drawn out. Hairy arses, cellulite, floppy breasts, flabby stomachs - this is true 70s porn, warts and all (sorry).

It all ends with the female patient ringing her mother and singing the praises of the doctor and his assistant's methods - excitedly declaring that they now offer home visits too ... cue a knock at the door!

SEX SPA is a ludicrously cheap affair with minimalist sets and fancy dress shop-looking costumes. It doesn't matter - as with WAYWARD MISTRESS, it's well-lit and fast-moving. Fields once again injects a sense of fun into proceedings and a pleasure of sex that your average silicon-ruined Vivid bimbo simply doesn't exude.

SEX SPA is presented uncut in a 16x9-enhanced 1.78:1 transfer. Again, it's a solid watchable proposition with plenty of scratches but strong images and good contrasting.

The English mono audio is again very good. The film can be remote-accessed via 8 chapters.

The only extras on offer are 20 trailers, including trailers for CHIC 69, SEX ON WHEELS and SKIN IN THE 60S.

Rounding out this exhaustive package is an 8-page booklet that starts with a cringeworthy poem, then opens to feature interesting liner notes and some ever-so-slightly pornographic stills from each film.

A reminder that some porno actresses actually enjoyed what they did.

Review by Stuart Willis

Released by After Hours Cinema
Region 1 - NTSC
Not Rated
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