Sickening Conceptions

Sickening Conceptions

Now before I even get started let's just get out the way the fact that many folk that view this disc will be screaming 'hey! ain't this just MTV's Jackass' regurgitated for the DVD market? Well no...of course the comparisons will be made as both do indeed make use of crazy (or should that be just plain stupid) stunt footage, but that's where the comparisons end.

'Sickening Conceptions' is a cable TV access show that takes those aforementioned Jackass elements and adds a large dose of their own sick and tasteless mentality to the proceedings. First off the main attraction here I suppose is three selected episodes of the cable programme. Sure you get all that wacky college boy type antics - puking, pissing, throwing each other into growingly violent scenarios but it is the mondo element that gives this one an added edge. Early on in the first episode we're treated to a smorgasbord of really sick gory mondo footage whilst the chirpy tones of Dexys Midnight Runners plays in the background!? Real throw your lunch up stuff and definitely one to be eating pizza whilst watching.

Some of the laddish antics will start to wear thin with some viewers but there's some fresh and original moments here too. It's interesting to watch as during one scene the lads interact with a homeless street bum but then later on they're out on the streets pissing on some other tramps sleeping on the street. Scenes that no doubt will anger and annoy some more concerned viewers, but in honesty this is probably what the guys are setting out to do. And this is further compounded by the many scenes of the teams live radio and TV broadcasts where they do their best to out-Stern Howard Stern with a barrage of put down responses designed to ire their listeners.

Moments of pure old school comedy genius appear in the form of both 'Poo Dollar' and 'Poo Phone' where (yes you guessed it) the team smear fresh shite all over public pay phones and dollar bills and sit back with their cameras rolling waiting for their unsuspecting passing victims to stroll along. Candid Camera was never like this and kudos to the Sickening Conceptions team for some gut chuckling grade a toilet humour! Elsewhere on these three episodes there's everything from the rape of a blow up doll to endless scenes of dumb teen girls (of all shapes and sizes) mindlessly getting their tits out for the lads amusement.

But it is with all the other bonus material contained on this disc that this release really does shine. First off and perhaps best of all is the very welcome inclusion of three short films by the Sickening Conceptions team. First up is 'Shopping List', a refreshingly original black and white short that follows a serial killer as he heads off to the supermarket. Ever wondered what a serial killer would be buying while out grocery shopping? Well wonder no more. Next up, is the downright hysterical 'Excorcist' (their spelling) which pretty much is just a guy sitting down to watch his DVD copy of the Exorcist, but he's got more than terror thrills in mind...Finally there's 'Birth' which is a really sick short about what happens when a trailer trash girl tells her boyfriend that she's pregnant - violent, twisted and guaranteed to shock the sensitive out there (beware those coat hangers folks!) Personally, outside of some stand out moments from the three TV show episodes I actually found most pleasure from the three short films. All three are excellent mini productions and show great hope for any future works they (hopefully) will produce.

But hey, would you believe there's more? Well hell yeah there is! The bonus material section has on offer the shows trailer, a colour bars section (with more radio stuff), a stills gallery and even more 'live' bonus footage. But the keen eyed DVD easter egg fans out there should have some fun too as there's some crazy hidden stuff about also. One that I found early on is the jaw dropping Cookie Monster segment - believe me, when you witness this one the cookie loving monsters theme tune will never be the same!

The disc itself looks and sounds pretty cool, well the team cleaned up the shows original tape masters for this release. They've obviously put a lot of care into this release with even a hysterical animated bonus screen (utilising the aforementioned 'Birth' short. On the down side though, being a home produced release this disc looks to be a DVDR pressing, which means some players may have problems playing this one, so check before you buy!

That said, 'Sickening Conceptions' is a great DVD debut for the team - showcasing their work on TV, radio and short film production. The ideal calling card to the industry watching. Sick, depraved and tasteless? Yes indeedy, but like cars slowing to look at a crash you'll keep watching these lads funning it up in their own offensive manner. Keep an eye on these guys, they'll be going places (if not into film production then straight into a mental hospital!) Check it out!

Review by Alan Simpson

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Released by Stalemate Productions
Region - All (NTSC)
Not Rated
Ratio - Widescreen
Extras :
3 Short films, Trailer, Stills gallery, Live footage and more!