The Sexy Sixth Sense

The Sexy Sixth Sense

On trips to the good old US of A I came across an interesting and somewhat amusing phenomenon, that is the popular interest in porno spoof versions of mainstream Hollywood cinema. Whilst I found it gratifyingly cool that adult home viewing is popular across the board with both sexes (well it was my american female friends that introduced me to the genre!), I did find the bulk of the subject matter somewhat bewildering with porn spoofs of films like The Addams Family and the infamous Edward Penishands! The latest in this line comes in the inevitable form of 'The Sexy Sixth Sense'!!

The film centres around reclusive bespectacled geek Frances who has the visionary power to see ghosts, here in his musty abode they take the form of the spirits of some lesbian strippers!!? As you can imagine for an adult spoof the plot is seriously thin on the ground (well what do you expect!) with just a selection of minimal set pieces acting as fillers for some extended soft core lesbian antics with the ghostly girls of the spirit world who indulge in all the usual antics (bad dancing, sensual lesbo caressing, cherries and squishy canned cream!) So to be honest the bulk of the film is purely there to act as a masturbatory tool for fans of this genre!

That said, there is some fun elements for the casual viewer also. The character of Frances delivers some fun lighthearted amusement for fans of movie geeks (like myself) and there's an excellent (and very funny) cameo by director Terry West as a flatulent clown!? But most pleasingly of all is the appearance of genre beauty Barbara Joyce who is simply stunning here and while the ghostly strippers are very pleasing to the eye (he he) Barbara Joyce stands above them all - a very lovely lady indeed! She takes the role of France's psychiatrist and delivers a strong enough performance considering the subject matter and made me long to watch more of her genre work.

There's no complaint about the film presentation on this disc either, well as a new straight to video production the image and audio quality are what you would expect and can't be faulted in any way. There's also some half hearted but fun extras on show too with a bizarre lengthy on set piece showing two of the films strippers sitting on the couch larking about with the crew preparing to shoot a scene - I couldn't figure out why this was here but there's no harm in it being there. There's also some fun out takes from the films shoot with a selection of the standard foul ups and miscues that you'd expect from any films production, worth a chuckle! Best of all though is a great (but all too brief) topless interview with the lovely Barbara Joyce conducted by director Terry Walters which sadly just touches the tip of discussing Joyce's career and could have welcomely been expanded (and hey, they could have let her put a jumper on at least as she looks slightly uncomfortable after a few minutes sans topless!) Finally (as ever), there's the mouth watering selection of Seduction Cinema trailers that still has me longing for more Retro releases from their vaults!

So if you're looking for a light hearted genre jerk off then you should be pleased with 'The Sexy Sixth Sense' (personally I'd have liked things a bit more hard core!), but if you're looking for plot and cinematic substance you'd be best to look elsewhere! Sexy fun and an equally fun disc to boot!

Review by Alan Simpson

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Released by Seduction Cinema
Not Rated - Region 1 (NTSC)
Ratio - Fullscreen
Audio - Dolby digital
Extras :
Behind the Scenes, Interviews, Trailer Vault