Schizophreniac: The Whore Mangler

Schizophreniac: The Whore Mangler

Schizophreniac is the rather disturbing story of lunatic movie maker ,drug addict, and killer Harry Russo (John Giancaspro) and his ventriloquist dummy Rubberneck on a mission to be as vile as possible. Really it is just that simple�Welcome to Schizophreniac and how can we disgust you today?

The low budget exploitation/horror film starts out with a young lady in the shower complete with full frontal nudity. Full frontal nudity seems to be a running theme throughout Schizophreniac unfortunately for this viewer most of it of whack -job (pun intended) Harry Russo. As the aforementioned young lady leaves the shower and proceeds to engage in phone sex, Harry (from a first person view) comes into the room and strangles his victim before a quick necro-romp in the sack. This is all before the opening credits. Everything about the movie appears to be done with tongue firmly planted in cheek, and there are several scenes that made me laugh out loud, including Harry going ballistic at a Wendy's drive thru after being told they didn't serve Big Macs. Actress Jasmin Putnam's wig while playing the role of Drew, Harry's cheating girlfriend is also laugh out loud funny.

Schizophreniac is not for the typical movie buff, I can count the people I know on one hand that would actually be able to sit through the entire movie. That being said I can't help but to have some respect for the director Ron Atkins. He must be aware that he was creating a movie whose core audience would be deviates, sociopaths, and voyeurs. Yet he continued to make the movie with no holds barred. Schizophreniac should come with a disclaimer/guarantee that something in this movie will offend everyone.

As for the DVD itself, it comes with quite a bit of extra features on a double-sided disc including two trailers for the movie, an interview with Director Ron Atkins, a short film, and deleted scenes. What the disc has in bonus features it is severely lacking in standard features�such as scene selection. If you plan on watching this DVD make sure you are going to watch it all in one sitting because you can not mark your place or fast forward any faster than 2 times speed. Also you can not search in reverse so make sure not to miss anything; this is a pretty upsetting discovery to find an hour into the movie as I did. Aside from the glaring holes in the quality of the disc itself ,the movie has found a home in my collection , I've already started planning the "Schizophreniac" drinking game in which you have to take a shot every time Henry Russo says "Ho' er" ,which I'm pretty sure is Southside Queens slang for Whore. Drink up.

Review by Ashliegh Wolfgang

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Region All NTSC
Not Rated
Extras :
Deleted Scenes, 2 Trailers, Ron Atkins Interview, "A Walk With Harry" by Christopher P Garetano Featuring John Giancaspro