This review relates to Redemption's new DVD release of this Spanish oddity, now available for the first time uncut in the UK. I've taken the liberty of pasting my review of the film itself, from when I viewed it's previous release on R1 courtesy of Mondo Macabro.

Andres (Angel Aranda, A DRAGONFLY FOR EACH CORPSE; FROM HELL TO VICTORY) and Ann (Sandra Alberti, WHAT'S A GIRL LIKE YOU DOING IN A PLACE LIKE THIS?) are married and expecting their first child. When she moans of boredom, the over-protective Andres suggests a drive in the country with their dog Blackie.

Whilst out driving, the couple are greeted by another pair - Bruno and Mary. Bruno claims to know Andres from school, and when he learns that Ann is pregnant he insists they join him and his wife for drinks at his chateau.

Reluctantly, Ann and Andres agree - despite Andres telling his wife he has no recollection of ever having known Bruno.

An hour later, and the foursome arrive at Bruno's grand countryside manor. Ann is immediately fascinated by his literature on the occult and Satanism. Mary in turn is inspired to suggest getting the ouija board out for a bit of fun. Our hapless expectant couple reluctantly agrees again.

The ouija board provides a strange variety of fun for the quartet though - telling Bruno he will die shortly, and accusing Ann of fucking Andre's brother!

This latter revelation causes Ann to pass out. Mary tends to her, and suggests that her guests stay over for the evening. Ann and Andres agree to do so ... reluctantly, of course ...

Following a bewildering shift in mood that finds Andre and Ann being scared and uncomfortable one moment, then suddenly relaxed enough to shag in the bathtub the next, they retire to their bed for the night. Naturally, they don't think to check on Blackie - who hasn't been seen all evening, but has been heard making disconcerting noises.

Ann hears a dog barking in the night and ventures downstairs to investigate. A bearded man jumps her and attempts to rape her. Making her escape, she races up the stairs to tell Andres - who insists they go back down to deal with the trespassing pervert. Instead of confronting him though, they walk in on Bruno and Mary, in the middle of a candle-lit black mass. Both are naked, sitting in the middle of a large scrawled pentagram.

Beckoning their guests in, an orgy ensues as Andre and Ann agree (reluctantly) to partake in sweaty sex with their hosts.

But all good things come to an end, and just in case being lured to a remote house by Satanic strangers wasn't reason enough to give Andres and Ann bad vibes, they get the willies proper when they discover Blackie has been murdered ...

SATAN'S BLOOD came highly recommended from several credible sources, reinforced by a reputation of being one of the better occult-tinged nudefests of the 1970s.

It doesn't live up to it though. While it manages to be relatively entertaining on a crude level, and genuinely creepy at times, SATAN'S BLOOD is largely slow and fairly ridiculous. And, essentially, it's a softcore sex film that just happens to contain minor blood and a few pentagrams here and there - horror is definitely second on filmmaker Carlos Puerto's agenda.

It does improve during the final 30 minutes. But even then, when we are treated to scenes of near-delirium, it's not enough to alter the fact that the film as a whole is pretty underwhelming stuff.

Redemption have presented the film in its "uncut Euro version", in a good-looking anamorphic 1.66:1 transfer. Image clarity is on a par with its R1 counterpart, even down to the washed-out colours. Occasional speckles on screen and minimal grain are nothing to grumble about.

Audio is available in the original Spanish mono soundtrack, with English subtitles. It's a good, clear mix and the subtitles are easily readable. The back cover makes mention of an alternate English dubbed soundtrack, but that was not available on the screener disc. No worries, the original Spanish audio is how people should be wanting to watch this curiosity anyway.

The film can be accessed via 6 chapters.

Extras are minimal.

First, we have trailers for two other Redemption titles: REQUIEM FOR A VAMPIRE and AU PAIR GIRLS.

Then there's a stills gallery offering 8 photographs from SATAN'S BLOOD.

Finally, there's a rather odd promo reel of snippets from Redemption's new record label, where you can sample audio bites from 15 of their bands - including The Courtesans.

Not the best version of the film released on shiny disc (that honour goes to the aforementioned Mondo Macabro disc), but if you're restricted to Region 2 DVDs - or fancy a bargain, as this is reasonably priced - then it may be worth a look. Nice to see uncut over here, anyway.

Who knows, the ugly tame sex and occasional flirtations with clich�d Satanic motifs may be enough to make you agree to buying into SATAN'S BLOOD. Reluctantly, of course!

Review by Stu Willis

Released by Redemption
Region All - PAL
Rated 18
Extras :
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