Sacred Flesh

Sacred Flesh

Nigel Wingrove's first full length production Sacred Flesh is the story of a troubled nun with lusty urges whom keeps having visions of insanity courtesy of the salicious Mary Magdalen and her Death Nun cronie.

Naughty Nuns and holy perversion are the order of the day here in this short but sweet new UK production. And that is something to keep in mind when viewing this one, it's low budget all the way.

Genre fans used to Salvation's output (in particular their home grown intros to their Italian releases used on Bravo TV and their US DVD's) will know exactly what to expect. Yeah, so the acting's not too smart at the best of times and the plot really is quite uneventful (almost painful in fact) but what they do deliver (as ever) is top notch Nunsploitation sleaze as only they know how.

Horny hi-jinks with Nun's frigging away merrily, whipping and sucking themselves to satisfaction (while being symbolicly crucified!). And there's some pervy priests that pop up to demand their share of Nun molestation (all in the name of the Good Lord of course!)

And it's in this unholy portrayal of perversion that this film makes its place. The plot and expanse of this production shows it's budgetary constraints but the film also shows great potential for Nigel Wingrove's future productions. There is a feel of the old school British Horror of the 60's and 70's and the Nun action is great - but you can't help feel this production will only become really popular with the pretentious goth types and the so-called sophisticated raincoat brigade. I hope not.

That said, Sacred Flesh is a must-see for Nunsploitation fans (you know who you are!) Though be warned, we just got word from Marc Morris at Salvation that it's release date has been put back again until late May because "it's taken longer than we hoped to get it through the BBFC". It would be a terrible shame to see this film cut, as it would lose all its impact and with a 72 minutes running time it's already short enough - though not as short as Wingrove's earlier censorship troubled productions Axel and Visions of Ecstasy (Salvation take note - both would be welcomed as extras on the DVD's eventual release).

Directed by Nigel Wingrove
Released by Salvation/Film 2000
Running time - approx 72 mins
Region 2 - Rated 18 (to be confirmed)
Ratio - Widescreen
Extras - to be confirmed