The Sexploiters

The Sexploiters

When I found out I had a chance to review DVDs for SGM, I jumped at the chance. Imagine my face when I received this corker of a grindhouse DVD in my postal box. When I say corker, it doesn't necessary mean I was enthused, perhaps somewhat embarrassed. If the missus saw that I was receiving DVDs with a title such as "The Sexploiters", I was sure to be washing dishes for the next three weeks. Thanks Al. J

Right, on with the review. The film begins in suburban New York with a running commentary (it reminded me of a 1950s/60s education film) introducing our main star, Lynn (Terri Steele). We learn that she is a bored housewife who likes to live an expensive life earning her cash via a modelling agency. But this is no normal agency, oh no, this is an agency where clients "pay a good fee". The commentary stops and Lynn drives her huge car to a client's apartment and we see what she really does for the agency. She asks the client if he is "regular or special", of course, he's "special". The dialog goes like this:

- (Lynn) "What's your pleasure?"

- (Special Client) "Take you skirt off"

- (Lynn) "I don't have any pants",

- (Special client) "Good!"

The client then says "now we're going to have some fun", takes out a whip and starts acting like a buffoon, he begs Lynn to beat him with the whip. She does this in a rather pathetic manner in only her underwear.

The film cuts to the agency where a client (Mr. Smith) is trying to see his regular model. To carry on he is bluntly told that he must have a camera, that's the rules. $10 for the camera and $2 a film roll. The commentary starts up again explaining that this is no normal agency, yet the explanation is all very abstract, that is to say, it never gets to the point. The US drawl clarifies that the agency is using the modelling pitch as a cover-up if they are investigated. So, THAT is the reason for the camera and having a role of film, clients are supposed to be "taking photos" of the girls. Can you see I'm a little confused so far?

The film moves on to scenes of photo taking (one scene is with a girl that looks like Amy Winehouse) and other voyeur teasing images. As we see all this, we continue to learn that the girls sell erotic footage externally from the agency. This is a big no no, if they are caught then the heavies will pay them a visit!

Ok, back to the plot - gosh, there's a plot?

Its Lynn again, she's got two new gigs for the evening. One is a party and the other is "a special". It was around this time (the 35 minutes mark) I realised I was nodding off! I splashed some water in my face, brewed a tea, and continued.

Cuts back to Lynn attending the party where an enthusiastic belly dancer is moving to Arabian music. By this point I realised I had little idea on what was going on. Who were the men knocking on the door? And why do all the guys leave the party? Answers on a postcard please! What I did understand was the belly dancer having it off with a blonde girl, again all very abstract.

The film finishes with Lynn visiting the special client and we get a surprise ending.

I honestly wanted to like this film, it looked quirky and fun. However, this reviewer found it to be a complete yawn fest. Nothing happens, you see nothing (come on, with a title like that I was expecting more than an odd breast or two!), the editing is terrible, it's hard to follow, and the acting is wooden. Even for a film of its era and its budget it's bad. On the positive side of things, the girls all have a round yet pleasant look about them. Not like the stick figures we see today in modelling or adult films (not that I watch those!). There's lots of eye candy that's for sure!

This is probably a good point to mention the score. It's a mix of lounge and jazz that isn't too bad. We certainly get a good sense of the music that was doing the rounds then. During some of the sexy scenes you hear only music and no dialog and in the later scenes, a trumpet becomes incredibly annoying as it screeches and squeals trying to mimic Miles Davis. But overall the music is probably the best thing the film has going for it. The overall sound is a downfall though. Sure, it's an old cheap-o film, but that's no excuse. During the dialog all I could hear was external sounds and a constant crackling. When there was no dialog, that blasted trumpet was killing my ears!

The case states the film has been transferred from the original 35mm and has an aspect ratio of 1.33.1. However, the trailer mentions that the film is from an 8mm print. Anyway, I watched the film on my widescreen TFT 22" PC screen and it looked terrible. The print is noisy, there are blemishes, and it's grainy - but I'm sure it couldn't get any better if Retro Seduction tried.

Extras include a commentary with the cinematographer (sorry, I had no desire to sit through this), a small booklet giving an insight into the film, and a Retro-Seduction trailer reel. The trailers include such gems as "On The Run", "The Sexperts", and "Curiously Obsessive Peepshow". These all have a cheese-fest commentary and will keep the voyeurs amongst our readers happy for 10 minutes or so. Just remember, you'd never believe they were filmed in a nudist camp´┐Ż

An acquired taste, if you're looking for a mindless film to keep your wicked side happy for an hour then this is it. Thumbs up to Retro Seduction for trying.

Review by: Broonage.

Released by Retro Seduction Cinema
Region 1 - NTSC
Not Rated
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