The Girl Who Shagged Me (unrated)

The Girl Who Shagged Me

Seduction Cinema have continued their catalogue of comedy-spoof DVD releases with this brilliant and side-splitting Unrated "Super-Sexy Edition" of The Girl Who Shagged Me. If, like me, you couldn't resist purchasing this latest Seduction Cinema DVD with such a name then I can guarantee you that this film will at least once make you laugh. If it doesn't then book yourself an appointment with your doctor immediately for you are in serious need of a sense of humour. Fortunately for us Brits, The Girl Who Shagged Me is more in tune with our sense of humour rather than the American sense of humour. What you have here is classic British wit, Misty Mundae, slap-stick humour, Misty Mundae, hilarious renditions of 70's porn films, Misty Mundae, tonnes of lesbian sex, Misty Mundae, silly storylines and Misty Mundae. There is plenty here to satisfy the viewer who is seeking a film that embraces themes of some of the keywords I have stated. However, despite saying the name of Misty Mundae five times, we don't actually get to see her that many times in The Girl Who Shagged Me. This is a shame, but there's no need to panic as the humour provided by The Girl Who Shagged Me will erase your disappointment of not seeing Misty Mundae as much as you would expect. The Girl Who Shagged Me also stars the equally talented and dazzling Seduction Cinema regular, Anoushka. Like with most Seduction cinema releases, The Girl Who Shagged Me is a comedy evolved around a silly, but always hilarious, storyline granting soft core lesbians as entertainment. All Seduction Cinema releases have a certain amount of anonymous charm about them, even the ones that are not so good. The Girl Who Shagged Me happens to be a very good Seduction Cinema release and it oozes charm in copious amounts.

The story is based around a cavewoman who halted the ice age with her sexually-charged and extremely hot attraction to females (now that's my kind of woman). This cavewoman, played by Anoushka, is the legendary Goddess of Lust - the first ever lesbian cavewoman; but her inventiveness to lure cavewomen away from their cavemen failed to continue as the ice age eventually overcame her savage lust and thus she became a frozen body, trapped in a tomb of ice in the Scottish Highlands. Fast forward 12,000 years and we discover the archaeologist Captain Waldo Lavish (Frank Bowdler), searching for the imprisoned and frozen Goddess with his assistant, Dudley. Together they search, looking high and low during the day and camping during the night. But while she remains undiscovered during the day, it is at night-time that the frozen Goddess communicates to the Captain's assistant by bestowing him rousing dreams of such erotic proportions that he receives an enormous hard-on. The dreams are of the Goddess bathed in red light, enticing Dudley towards her with her naked flesh and caressing her body and succulent breasts with her gentle hands. I don't know about you, but I could watch Anoushka bathed in this red light looking into the camera all night long. It's a shame this scene had to be so short! Dudley's hard-on becomes so strong that it almost leads him to the Goddess herself, but he falls down and tells Captain Lavish to continue without him. We see Dudley later on in the film where he has fallen in love with a Yeti! Captain Lavish consorts his map for the directions he needs to follow in order to find the Goddess' cave in which she still remains imprisoned.

Meanwhile, Dr. Unsound and his assistant Jade (Rachel Travers), steal the ice Goddess from Captain Lavish while Jade perceives herself to be a decoy with a broken vehicle so that Captain Lavish can help her get back on the road again. Taking advantage of this situation, Dr. Unsound drives off in Captain Lavish's truck with the ice Goddess in the back. After fixing her broken vehicle, Captain Lavish sees her off only to then turn around and discover that his truck has gone missing. Captain Lavish runs to the nearest police station and reports of the missing truck with the Goddess inside. A rather large police officer rings up Super-Sexy-Secret Agent Johnson (Misty Mundae) to track down the ice Goddess. Misty Mundae, however, isn't to pleased with this new mission for she had been fingering herself over her fantasies of two teenage schoolgirls dressed in sexy school uniforms before the phone call.

The ice Goddess is soon freed from her icy tomb at Dr. Unsound's laboratory by Jade. She seduces Jade after hypnotising her under her control. The ice Goddess, with Jade as her help, flee the laboratory and they both begin unleashing a trail of steamy sexual encounters in their wake. Together they attempt to entice women into becoming lesbians, creating an army of lesbians that will cause widespread devastation to all mankind. Can Secret Agent Johnson and Captain Lavish hunt down these two lesbians and save the day before it is too late? Will the ice Goddess lure Secret Agent Johnson into becoming a lesbian, thus spelling the end of the use that men provide in the world? I suppose you have to watch the film to find out. But a word of warning: The Girl Who Shagged Me contains an abundant amount of lesbian sex. If you like watching hot and highly attractive seduction Cinema starlets getting it on with each other (what man doesn't?) then this is the film for you.

Like with most seduction Cinema releases, The Girl Who Shagged Me is advertised on the front cover of the DVD as being, if anything else, a Misty Mundae flick; but this couldn't be more wrong. With the film called The Girl Who Shagged Me, you would immediately think that it is a comedy-spoof rip-off of the Spy Who Shagged Me, which also couldn't be more wrong. The film, however, is a full-on comedy with each of the characters getting equal screen time, all with the exception of Misty Mundae. The plot is completely different to what you would expect when reading the film title - the only similarity The Girl Who Shagged Me has with The Spy Who Shagged Me is that they both have similar names.

The presence of Misty Mundae in the film happens to be quite rare a occurrence, until the very end when Misty and Anoushka engage in some steamy lesbian action. First of all, we see Misty Mundae on the back streets of London trying to evade police officers to complete a mission; then we see her masturbating with thoughts of highly attractive teenagers going through her head; then there is a long amount of time before we eventually see her again. She even makes a cameo appearance as Hannibal Letcher (Silence of the Lambs cannibal) in a hilarious scene where she admits to eating Dr. Unsound's salary and water crest (in the Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal admits to eating a man's liver).

The undisputed highlight of the film is when Captain Lavish inserts a video into his video player and watches a 70's porn film called "Bang Me Over the Kitchen Sink Please, Volume 5." Sounds like a gonzo title from the decade when gonzo didn't exist. This scene, though, is absolutely fucking hilarious! If you don't find this funny then you are in serious need of a sense of humour. Another hilarious scene is the news flash bulletin on television. The Channel 69 (LOL!) News reader announces to the world of an uncontrollable disease called "lesbianism." His report includes five minutes worth of lesbian sex. There are many hilarious scenes scattered throughout the film: classic witty dialog, sharp British humour and unbeatable one liners that will send you arse-over-tit in laughter. Oh, and you also have plenty of sex that will provide you with plenty of one-handed enjoyment (middle finger enjoyment for the ladies). The sex scenes even cross over from the usual Seduction Cinema lesbians to the occasional man/woman scenes, including blowjobs. Although we don't get to see any hardcore, the oral sex scenes on the men do get pretty close at times. So what more could you need? Please do remember, though, that these near explicit sex scenes are for the unrated version only!

If I ever had a complaint about Seduction Cinema releases then it would be why do the extras sometimes have to differ between the rated and unrated versions? Lust for Dracula is the prime culprit in this in that the unrated version contains one short film whilst the rated version contains two other short films. The Girl Who Shagged Me doesn't contain any short films, but the extras do differ from the rated version. The rated version (according to the review by fellow SGM reviewer Marc Woods) contains a commentary with the film's director Tom J. Moose and the script writer Andy Sawyer, a deleted scenes section, a behind-the-Scenes extract called "When Camels go Apeshit," and a behind-the-scenes featurette.

The only extra on the rated version that is included on the unrated version is the behind-the-scenes featurette. The other DVD extras on the unrated version is a featurette called "Misty Goes to London," which features Misty walking the streets of our glorious capital city moaning of the exchange rate. Bad news for her but good news for us when importing US DVDs. Also featured is a six minute segment of interviews with the actors, including Anoushka showing us her good-looking white fluffy boots while telling us to enjoy the film (I certainly did!). Finally, there is a sometimes hilarious eighteen minute segment of outtakes and bloopers (my favourite is the Anoushka nipple slip) and four trailers for The Girl Who Shagged Me itself, The Diary of Misty Mundae, Erotic Diary of Misty Mundae and Flesh for Olivia.

The picture quality of The Girl Who Shagged Me is pristine in it's full frame presentation. The audio format is stereo and is easily heard. The DVD itself is region 1 NTSC. The entire film is 73 minutes long.

I was really impressed with the Girl Who Shagged Me. I was entertained, turned-on and went through fits of laughter at the same time which made me want to watch the entire film again. The women are all highly attractive and will provide you with plenty of erotic moments whilst the men will provide you with comedy. Merge these together are you have one Seduction Cinema release that is a must! The Girl Who Shagged Me is a great film to watch with your friends, drinking beer and getting totally pissed! So what are you waiting for - get this Seduction cinema DVD right now!

Happy Wet Dreams!

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