We love horror comics here at SGM but they’ve been a bit thin on the ground of late so we were thrilled when issue 2 of FrightFeast arrived at SGM Towers but where we mentally prepared for the psychotic horror trauma that it would bring?!

32 pages of wall to wall deranged splatter fun, FrightFeast is perhaps one of the most violently insane horror commix that I’ve read in quite some time.

From what I could gleam of the storyline, the gory fun is set deep in the jungle where Dr Kurt Diebner (a former Nazi scientist with a monster cock, yes you read right) is experimenting on humans with the aspiration of creating some sort of undead army.

The fact of the matter though is he doesn’t seem to make much in the way of progress as he and his team of horny stoned guerrillas mutilate and fornicate their way through the local population.

As is generally the case in such jungle scenarios, a crew of witless filmmakers stumble their way onto the scene and inevitably fall foul of the evil doctors plans.

Whilst some will be put off by its indie low budget origins and complete lack of moral restraint, FrightFeast is in fact a lot of fun for the care free splatter hounds out there amongst you. I certainly had a chuckle throughout.

If you take heed to the mag’s tag line "Sleaze, gore, nothing more!" then you can pick this up without fear of offense (which I have no doubt it will offend many!)

Creator Mark K is clearly slightly deranged, in the finest sense of course, and with issue 3 on the way it’s clear he has a mission to mentally corrupt as many unsuspecting comics fans as possible.

For ordering details on FrightFeast check out the official site here – SGM Approved!