DVD World

DVD World *NEW*

DVD World Now here's a UK newsstand magazine that I've been keeping a keen eye on since it launched earlier this year, 'DVD World' in theme will be familiar to UK readers who remember during the video boom a great magazine similarly titled 'Video World' (a mag that carried a heady mix of adult and horror movie coverage). Welcomingly 'DVD World' continues the theme with a very welcome likeminded mix of the best in horror and adult coverage.

Admittedly early issues of ' DVD World' was somewhat frustrating at times as in the main it seemed to contain a variety of reprinted material culled from the pages of 'The Dark Side' magazine and often delivered some hap hard misinformation about DVD release and some lacklustre review coverage. But with the latest editions (the one currently in my grubby hands being issue 8) 'DVD World' seems to be shaping into one of the most enjoyable genre reads in the UK market! Video Nasties, Horror Reviews, Joe D'Amato, Betty Page, Kung Fu, Cannibals, Satanic Sluts and the finest in porn are the order of the day in this vastly impressive read. In fact, any UK reader who can't see the point in investing in the princely sum of �3.99 for such a genre minded and hearty read really must have a screw loose! I'd imagine most SGM readers like nothing better than horror/cult underground movies along with lots of buxom blood rushing beauties so the opportunity to walk into your local newsagent and purchase such a magazine should be top of your shopping list.

It is amusing to note that many of the contributors continue to work under various pseudonyms (surely not ashamed are we?) with only the wondrous John Martin (and occasionally Allan Bryce) seemingly having the balls to stand proud of their contributions. Good to see that Susi Banyon has managed to get some regular work following her traumatic experiences (portrayed in Argento's Suspiria) as Senior Sub Editor!

Of course there is the awkwardness for those who don't welcome the thought of reaching to the top shelf to snare a copy (as generally it sits there alongside the ever popular UK porn lines) but while you're at it you can pick up a copy of 'Escort' (or such similar fare) and show the granny at the counter that you have a healthy disposition for watching exploitation movies and jerking off! Check it out!