The Double D Avenger

The Double D Avenger

The films of Russ Meyer have always stayed firmly in the category of 'cult' status and even now as once again his movies have yet another revival through the French and American DVD releases his work maintains a small but loyal following. But what does a Meyer fan do now that he is no longer producing his own particular style of grade Z exploitation movie? And whatever happened to all those busty Meyer starlets that have developed their own fan base through his movies? Well, up steps one of those fans who grew up enjoying those trash gems and he's a man with a mission…to bring some of those chesty vixens together to star in his very own Meyeresque spoof, cue William Winckler's 'The Double D Avenger'.

If you haven't already guessed who or what the Double D Avenger is all about then the films opening titles sequence should swiftly clear any potential misapprehensions about this films theme as we see our costumed heroine circling her fingers around her bulging nipples! Yes, the Double D Avenger of the films title is a caped heroine with melonous heavy breasts!

The lead role is taken by Kitten Natividad (of 'Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens' fame) who plays heavy smoking pub owner Chastity Knott, who on a routine check up at her doctors discovers that she has terminal breast cancer. Terrified at the predicament she grasps at the only long shot chance she may have at tackling the cancer, it is rumoured that a rare plant (the crockozilla plant) found deep in the wilderness of South America contains ingredients that can fight cancerous cells. So off Chastity heads into the jungle wilderness (well this is a low budget movie so I'd guess this is in fact a local park) where a local Amazon women who sympathises with her situation shows her not only where to find the rare plant but how to get the best out of them…here it means lustfully sucking the plant which coincidentally resembles a swollen cock! On returning home Chastity discovers that not only has her cancerous cells been successfully eradicated but that she now has superhuman powers! Tragic events soon transpire that lead to Chastity deciding that she should use her new found powers to become a vengeful crime fighting superheroine…the Double D Avenger!!

Let's make one thing clear from the outset here, 'The Double D Avenger' is a grade Z low budget trashy movie and like the films of Russ Meyers wont be to everyone's taste. But if you are a fan of this particular genre movie then this will be right up your street! Sure the grade Z no budgeter like this isn't always well received but this one makes up for the lack of flash cash with a level of fun, enthusiasm and foxy ladies that should definitely sate fans of bawdy exploitation movies. This one's a real treat for fans of Russ Meyer's work with appearances by not only the aforementioned Kitten Natividad but also Haji ('Faster Pussycat') and Raven de la Croix ('Up!') who show that age doesn't mean you should cover up as these ladies are still in heaving great shape! And even if your not a Meyer movie aficionado and the thought of such a Meyer babe reunion doesn't float your boat then there's an ample array of new upcoming foxes here that are sure to make you smile (my own favourite being the gorgeous Logan la Brent, va va voom!) But perhaps the best character cameo for most genre fans will be the all too brief but cool appearance by 'Famous Monster' legend Forrest J Ackerman who will have you chuckling with his waxwork monster banter.

Producer, writer, director, fan William Winckler has proved that the genre fan can do whatever they want if they put their mind to it - obviously a big fan of Russ Meyer movies he's gone ahead and produced his very own tribute to the mans movies, by way of adding his own sense of cheeky fun into the mix too. Whilst nowhere as sleazy as some of Meyer's movies could be, 'The Double D Avenger' opts to concentrate more on bawdy comedy (deeply reminiscent of the late Benny Hill) and boobs a plenty which is not a bad thing!

The DVD is produced by creator Winckler himself so you can expect the film to be presented as good as you're gonna get. Shot on digital video it actually better than you would expect, full of vibrant colour adding to the comic book feel. The full screen image is sharp and hassle free throughout. As for extras, well first off and perhaps best of all is the equally fun audio commentary with William Winckler, Raoul Germain Jr and Kitten Natividad who discuss the fun had on set along with some Meyer anecdotes making this a very enjoyable listen. Next up is a hilarious trailer that would make Lloyd Kaufman and his Troma Team green with envy promising 'menacing melons' filmed in boobyvision and finally are three rolling stills galleries - Behind the Scenes, Cast shots and Classic Kitten, all worth a look but no doubt the Classic Kitten gallery will be of great interest to her fan base as it contains many hot nudie shots from her heyday.

So sure, 'The Double D Avenger' wont appeal to everybody but fans of Russ Meyer and bawdy booby Benny Hill style comedy will find a lot of fun here. Get the beers in, switch your brain off and let yourself be entertained by this all round independent fan release - check it out!

Review by Alan Simpson

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Released by William Winckler Productions
Region All - NTSC
Not Rated
Audio - English
Extras :
Audio commentary, Trailer, Stills galleries