'Deranged' Issues no.2 & 3

Deranged Issue no.3Well you will likely know that old saying about how you can wait hours for a bus to come along only for two to come at the same time, well this is what recently happened to me when issues two and three of the excellent 'Deranged' magazine arrived here at SGM Towers!

Rob Bewick's deliciously demented genre mag is about to come of age as after only three editions this looks to settling into something quite special indeed. But surely this is just another 'review' based fanzine? Well yes, in its basic sense it is...but take a look at it then you'll see exactly why I've grown to love this magazine so much.

The first thing that jumps out at you with these new editions is the presentation itself, the layout and design of this mag is simply gorgeous and manages to outshine even your favourite mainstream horror mags (Fangoria, Dark Side etc). Each issue contains 24 full colour glossy pages of genre fun which truly is a delight to behold - but of course some will say who gives a rot about how it all looks, what about the content?

Well, 'Deranged' continues to offer some of the finest reviews out there in the zine market...issue two includes a welcome mix of various genre themes with Crimes of a Beast, Junk, Superstition, Fantom Kiler 2, Faces of Gore, Anthro 2000, the Guinea Pig series, Dagon, Hunchback of the Morgue, Visitor Q, The Record, Grapes of Death, House on the Edge of the Park and Van Bebber's as yet unreleased Charlies Family. The later third edition brings you such continued diverse delights as House With the Windows that laugh, Exorcism, Jason X, Avalon, Bloodsucking Freaks, Faces of Gore 2, Ichi the Killer, Blood and Roses, Stacy, Toolbox Murders, Scrapbook, Angel of Death, Legion of the Dead, Lake of Dracula, Evil of Dracula as well as an interview with gore grandfather Herschell Gordon Lewis and coverage of his excellent new Blood Feast 2 feature.

Deranged Issue no.2

Now did you notice the welcome thing about the review contents listed? Yes, not only does it cover cross genre coverage but doesn't fall into the trap of sticking to titles available on DVD (well why concentrate on that side of movies when the online community has that side pretty much covered), but perhaps most satisfying of all is the fact the contributors to Deranged really do enjoy their genre movies and this comes over well in their work making this a very satisfying read for any genre movie fan.

Perhaps the only criticism I would have for Deranged (and I had to search hard for one) is that it's so damn good I wish that the magazine substantially larger (on the page count front) and on the shelves competing alongside the aforementioned mainstream genre mags as it does belong up there with the so called big boys of the fan magazine scene. But for what you get (and at a mere �2 a copy) there really isn't much room for complaint - I love Deranged and I hope that you too make the effort to see what all the fuss is about. Check it out now!

For info on how to order 'Deranged' issues 2 & 3 direct from editor Rob Bewick for �2 each (incl postage) email him here.

'Deranged' Issue no.1

The fanzine scene is on its way back! Perhaps not as vibrant as it was in the 70's and 80's (when bootleg video nasties and countless genre fanzines happily swamped the collectors market) but slowly and reassuredly it seems to be generating some momentum again.

Deranged Issue no.1

Following hot on the heels of the excellent 'Arteries' magazine comes Rob Bewick's equally fun 'Deranged'. This time round though 'Deranged' comes in at a somewhat leaner 16 pages but when the cover price is only a meagre �1 no one should be complaining! And for your �1 you get a whole load of great genre reading with a wild mix of across the board film coverage in 16 full colour glossy pages.

This welcome first edition includes some nice in-depth reviews of diverse gems like the ominously sleazy 'Fantom Kiler', the wrongly maligned gore gem 'Night of the Demon', Paul Naschy's 'Dr Jekyll Vs the Werewolf', Nacho Verda's shocking 'Aftermath' and a whole lot more. Whether it's Jess Franco (Lust for Frankenstein), Joe D'Amato (Erotic Nights of the Living Dead) or Ulli Lommel (Tenderness of the Wolves) - 'Deranged' seems to have made sure that every inch of its page count is crammed with great reading covering as much ground of the genre scene that any fan could wish for (even SGM fave 'Master of the Flying Guillotine' gets some welcome coverage!)

'Deranged' issue 1 is an excellent read and a great value one too. Highly recommended and well worth one measly pound of anyone's money (well what else can you buy for that little?) Great pocket sized fun for kicking back with on the bus, at a film fest or even on the loo! Like 'Arteries', a must have purchase for all SGM readers - support the growth of the fanzine scene and pick one up now!!

For info on how to order 'Deranged' issue one direct from editor Rob Bewick for �1 (incl postage) email him here.